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Electrical Installation / Engineering

We run general electrical installation for buildings, organisation, estates, in marine vessels and various other sectors. Rewinding of electric motors, transformers, alternators, pumps etc.#Installation and maintenance of radio, radar, and navigational equipment in the industrial and maritime organisations. Procurement, supply and installation of electrical materials, fittings cables and spare parts. Mega testing of electric motors. Contact Us.

Electrical Rewinding

Electrical Rewinding Rewinding of electric motors, pumps, alternators, transformers are major areas where we render services. Our best hands are always on ground to give you high quality service. Contact Us for your electrical installations and maintenance.

Metre Connection

Electrical Technology
Electrical installations, is one aspect of your business that needs a professional touch in all it entirety.
This is because improper installation, connections or electrical setup can lead to unexpected disaster which
could damage appliances, or total power outage that may cause setbacks in business transactions.
PGOR Global Service Limited is your trusted provider when it comes to electrical installations.
Try us today, and testify tomorrow. Contact Us for your electrical installations

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