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We provide water engineering services that includes: Drilling of Borehole. • Laying of Water Pipes. • Building Water Treatment Plants. • Maintenance of Water Treatment Plant. • Maintenance of Swimming Pool. • Plumbing Works. Contact Us.


We render all the services listed above at a very friendly price. All our borehole project are done to a very deep depth that to get the cleanest of water supply for you, both in your homes and in your business buildings. Contact Us.

Drilling Borehole

Swimming Pool Maintenance
We also render services for swimming pool maintenance which involves routine checks on all water supply channels to the pool and also on all water exit channels away from the swimming pool, making sure they are always in good condition. We put in place a proper mechanism for water change so that as the long use of the pool turns the water unfit for users, old water is let out while fresh water is allowed to flow in. Feel free to Contact Us. today.

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